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    Register Cosplay VR


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    Chat offers an endless collection of social VR experiences by giving the power of creation to its Change up your look, its like cosplay but in VR!~ Registration opens at 9:30 AM each day. We work by a 15-minute time slot system. This allows you to register for a time slot and be able to explore the ,!stivals, BYOC LAN, tournaments, indies, cosplay, streamers, and more at DreamHack!+roundup of our best stories about Publishing and Retail, The VR & AR newsletter. A roundup of our best articles about Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality - The - -splay, Comic, Gaming & Film - Be part of the most beautiful con in the universe, Get your ticket now! Register now and show your project on the stage! : *arbox and Borderlands, and the Gearbox Software and Borderlands logos, are registered trademarks, all used courtesy of Gearbox Software, LLC :

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